Located at 241 Milton Ave ballston spa, ny

What to expect


Our Products

We use Natures Specialty. Our products work well with all skin and coat types. If you  have preference or a special medicated shampoo that works with your pet you are more than welcome to bring that product with you.


Determing your pets haircut

Each pet has a different coat type.  During drop off we will discuss what is best for you and your pet. We will accommodate your preference, but also bare in mind that we are here to help your pet and make sure that their experience is not stressful. We want them to enjoy visiting with us. So,  if your pet is matted and will not tolerate being brushed, or the matting is to significant we may need to adjust the groom.


After check in

Once its decided what type of haircut and/or bath we are going to do, we start preparing for the haircut. First we clip nails and clean ears. Next we do any preshaving and/or brushing to before for the bath. Once the bath is complete we hand dry your pet with a velocity dryer from start to finish. The only time we don't dry them 100% is if the are scared or dislike the dryer, in that case we kennel dry. Each groom takes anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on your pets coat type, behavior, and the difficulty of the haircut.  Once your pet in finished being fully pampered at our salon you will be called to for pick up.